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Yeshivat HaGolan

Growing Bnei Torah for half a century.


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Our story

Yeshivat HaGolan, established in 1973, is a leading Yeshiva, one of the pioneers of the Hesder movement.


Since founded and during its 49 years of existence, the Yeshiva is known to be the spiritual lighthouse of the Golan Heights.


Many of our students begin their married life here, on the Yeshiva campus, and hundreds of our alumni choose to live in the Golan, settling their spiritual and physical home in this marvelous, special region. For almost half a century, Yeshivat HaGolan is proud to be the largest contributor in raising the population of the Golan Heights, more than any private or governmental movement.


The Yeshiva has a Rabbinical certification program (Smicha), including Dayanut, as well as a teacher-training program (B.ed). We are proud to be the first Yeshiva with a formal program for integrating students with special needs, combining adapted military service, and more.



Bnei Torah, actively involved in all fields of society, across the country.



Currently learning in our Yeshiva's Beit Midrash, Oskim ba'Torah day and night.



of our alumni-living in the Golan and it's surrounding regions, and counting.

Since its founding, Yeshivat HaGolan has been the beating heart of the Golan Heights.

In recent years, the Yeshiva has been growing steadily, with young students joining our family, and many older students setting their home around the Yeshiva.

It's time to expand the Yeshiva's campus. We are excited to begin building the first part of our development Plan.

Join us! Become our partner in building the Yeshiva and spreading Kol-HaTorah in the Golan.





Rav Yoel Manovich
Rosh Yeshiva

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We are expanding!


Established in 1976

our Yeshiva is one of the oldest and largest Hesder Yeshivot in Israel. Currently, more than 300 students and Avrechim learn Torah in the Yeshiva, 120 of them presently in active military service in the IDF.

Yeshivat haGolan - Beit Midrash

In recent years

our Yeshiva has been experiencing a stable, yet very significant growth, with the number of students increasing annually. To enable this wonderful growth we have begun building a new student residence.

Architectural plans

The new students residence

consist of a four-winged building, including 32 bedrooms and two multi-purpose activity classrooms, a total of over 21,000sqft, in two floors.

Dedications and naming

Dedication and naming opportunities

One Bedroom

Each of the dormitory rooms is designed to accommodate 3-5 scholars and includes a private bathroom and shower.

1 of 32

from $60K

Bedroom_9_12_2019 rev2.jpg

Activity class

In the center of each floor, a multi-purpose integration class is planned, that will serve as an activity room for joint programs of the yeshiva students and the special needs program students. We wish that we will never need to use it, but the activity halls also serve as certified bomb shelters in case of emergency.

1 of 2 / 700sqft

from $80K

Office Lounge
House with a Backyard

Campus yard

We believe that Yeshivat HaGolan is more than just another location to learn Torah. Gardens and yards allow necessary recreation, as well as wonderful inspiration, for students and rabbis. Therefore, two gardens are planned, on both sides of the dormitory building: The northern garden and the southern garden.

1 of 2 / 5,300sqft

from $100K


A wing

The new building is designed in the shape of a butterfly, and includes 4 residential wings, 2 on each floor. A wing contains 8 rooms, and an open hallway facing the garden.

1 of 4

from $490K

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